Reviewing Process

All manuscripts will be reviewed by the editorial board and will be accepted if they meet the IJBISS criteria and stand in harmony with the standards of the journal. After that all papers will undergo a double-blind reviewing process. Authors should send an electronic copy of their paper via email to the Executive Editor, who will then forward the paper to the Associate Editor for at least two reviewers. Reviewers are typically expected to respond within five weeks. Depending on the referees’ recommendations and comments the Executive Editor will contact the corresponding author to communicate the decision made and take further action if necessary.


The guidelines of IJBISS aim to make authors’ submissions as easy as possible. Usually, authors are asked to submit their papers in Microsoft Word format (please do not submit PDF files) and not to include personal information identifying the authors. Paper(s) also can be submitted online. It is suggested to all authors to use Times New Roman, 12pt font with double or 1 ½ paragraph spaces. Headings (up to 3 levels) should be clearly marked and numbered. Also, if there are tables and diagrams included, these should be placed within the body of the paper near the text that refers to them. These suggestions will allow for easier reading of the papers by the editors and the reviewers.

Please also note that the likelihood to reject the papers will increase, if:

  • papers that exits 4000 – 4500 words limit,
  • presented in bullet points,
  • with missing sections (i.e. hypothesis development, discussion),
  • without explicitly explained methodological steps (if quantitative study SEM study, authors should provide reliability/validity coefficients, CFA and SEM model fit indices)
  • without any theoretical contribution and the application to a wider research
  • without the analysis of findings and future research suggestions.

If a paper is accepted, the authors will be expected to submit their final manuscript to the editor in Microsoft Word. If there are additional requirements (e.g. the Editor may ask author(s) to submit separately high quality version of any diagrams used) these will be arranged between the Editor and the corresponding author.

Submission Process

Author(s) should only submit original research articles/papers that have not been submitted to other journals at the same time. There are no costs associated with submissions or with publishing the articles except language editing.

To submit your articles, please e-mail it to the Editor in Chief ([email protected]

Citation Style

Citation should follow the American Psychological Association (APA), 5th Edition Style. For more information please visit:

Hard Copies

Hard copies of the journal can be provided upon request. These are colored copies, professionally printed and finished. Hard copies incur a fee of USD $300. To order hard copies of an article or an issue please email the Executive Editor with your request.

Open Access

This journal is also an open access journal meaning that all the contents of the journal are freely available without charge to the users. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles/papers or use them for any other lawful purpose, without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author.