Aims and Scope

  • To publish original and thought-provoking research papers that will contribute to the fields of business intelligence, management and social sciences;
  • To establish a forum for dialogue and debate between business management and social researchers and practitioners and other interested parties;
  • To encourage scholars and practitioners to write their research ideas without worrying about complex process.
  • To provide a new publishing outlet to researchers and practitioners that will help them to solve their problems efficiently and effectively.

IJBISS focuses on the following topics:

Accounting and accounting information systems, corporate governance, development economics, economic policies, research in education, environmental studies, finance & banking, human geography, tourism and hospitality, insurance and actuarial science, international relations, legal studies, business research, marketing research, mass communication, management information system (MIS), management of businesses, business intelligence, international business, operations management and research, supply chain management, conflict management, population studies, public administration and management, organizational behavior, quantitative and qualitative management,  social policy and social welfare, sociology, teaching-learning process, digital teaching and evaluation, Asian studies, South Asian studies, and women studies.