After publication decision corresponding author should sign “Copyright Transfer Agreement Form” which is included following items:


  1. The main author and each co-author(s)s shall transfer and sell their rights to the publisher for the length of the copyright starting from the moment the present agreement comes into force the exclusive rights to the materials, including the rights to translate, reproduce, transfer, distribute or otherwise use the materials or parts (fragments) contained therein. The transfer under this agreement includes the right to adapt the presentation of the materials for use in conjunction with computer systems and programs, reproduction or publication in machine-readable format and incorporation into retrieval systems.
  2. Reproduction, placement, transfer or any other distribution or use of the materials, or any parts of the materials contained therein, in any way permitted under this agreement, shall be accompanied by reference to the journal and mentioned of the publisher, namely: the title of the article, the name of the author (Co-authors), the name of the journal, volume/number, copyright of the publisher.

Reserved Rights

The author(s) or the employer of the author(s) of the materials shall retain all proprietary rights (with the exception of the rights transferred to the publisher under the present agreement).

Author Guarantee

The author(s) guarantees that the materials are an original work, submitted only to IJBISS, and have not been published previously.

In case the materials were written jointly with co-authors, the author guarantees that he/she has informed them of the terms of this agreement and obtained their signatures or written permission to singe on their behalf.

The Author guarantees as well that:

  • The materials do not contain libelous statements.
  • The materials do not infringe on other persons’ rights (including without limitation copyrights, patent rights and the trademark right).
  • The materials do not contain facts or instructions that can cause damage or injury to third parties and their publication does not cause the disclosure of any secret or confidential information.